The Elizabeth Celtic Festival blends
a traditional Scottish Highland Games
with a Medieval and Renaissance Fest,
a British Dog Show, and a community fair
to create a great weekend of fun for the entire family.

Events and activities range
from the serious to the silly,
from centuries-old traditions to things that are new.

There are:
Activities for children;
Lots of Merchants, Artisans, Food, Drink;
Great music and a bit of Rugby,

This Festival is fun and affordable.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Festival:
Mark your calendar now, and join us

Do you have to be Scottish, Irish, Welsh…or “Celtic” to come?

Anyone can attend the Elizabeth Celtic Festival. It’s open to all. You don’t have to be “anything.” Just be yourself, and come have fun and be fun. This is a celebration for all! It’ll probably be too hot to wear any wool kilts or sweaters or hats (unless you want to)…so just dress comfortably and enjoy the day. The food and beverages will feature both the usual (hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, BBQ, ice cream) and the unusual (Scotch Eggs, Turkey Wings, shortbread). There are several organizations and sponsors, like the bioenergy code, that would welcome you as a member, and you don’t need to prove anything to join, just have an interest (or be enthusiastic) in the group’s purpose.